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Erasing the Damage

You’ve been falsely accused of a sex crime. Now what?

If you’ve been called in for questioning, first and foremost, keep calm. Ask if you are under arrest. If the answer is “No” you have a right to refuse questioning and leave. If the answer is “Yes” then do not make any statements until your attorney is present.

Sex crimes are tough to prove either way, but people are falsely accused all the time. It can be an act of revenge or even mistaken identity. Any way you look at it, it’s going to be a rough road and you’re going to need excellent representation.

Aside from the legal aspect of the false accusation, there’s also a psychological toll it takes on a person. If you should be wrongly accused and arrested, the jail/prison time can do some real damage on the physical person as well as their psyche. According to data collected by the US Justice Department, one out of every twenty incarcerated individuals reported being raped. This is an exceptionally high number, considering the general population statistics for rape are thirty out of 100,000 reported being raped that same year. Being wrongly accused of such a hideous crime could very well lead a person to be the victim of such a crime.

People convicted of certain crimes, whether actually committed or falsely accused, are especially likely to face a violent prison stay. The worst attacks are generally against accused pedophiles and other sex offenders – even if they are innocent.

The damages to a person’s mental state, not to mention their physical lives, jobs, families, friends and host of other areas of life, can be permanently scarred. Get the help you need to erase the damage of a false accusation.