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Juvenile Prostitution Ring Sees Another Arrest

A third man has been arrested in connection with a juvenile prostitution ring in Polk County.

Christopher Hawkins, 20, was charged with two counts of lewd battery. At the time the crimes occurred Hawkins would have been 18 years old. Hawkins was a roommate of Paul Aaron, another man arrested in connection with the crimes.

According to deputies, the two girls tried running away from the home of the two men when Hawkins caught both girls and brought them back inside against their will.

Other men allegedly operating the ring was arrested by Polk Sheriff's deputies was a Haines City police officer and a Polk County Schools bus monitor.

Demetrius Lamar Condry, 25, and Paul Rosoan Aaron, 27, the police officer and bus monitor respectively, operated the prostitution ring known as "Genuine Quality Entertainment" from a residence located on 7th St. in Haines City.

The two men had been under investigation in a missing person's case through the Winter Haven PD. Detectives said they had been investigating Aaron and Condry's criminal activity. That investigation prompted detectives to alert Haines City Police officials, who contacted Polk County Sheriff's officials for further investigation.

Polk sheriff's detectives said Condry drove to the 7th Street residence dressed in his agency uniform and engaged in sex with 14 and 15 year old victims. According to reports, Aaron focused on children in need and used Condry's position as a police officer to threaten the youths with arrest for being runaways.

Condry was arrested and charged with sexual battery by a law enforcement officer, lewd battery, and official misconduct.

Aaron was arrested and charged with bribery of a law enforcement officer, two counts of procuring for prostitution of a minor under 18, and two counts of sex trafficking.