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Sarasota Burglary and Teen Misdemeanor: Two for One

Sarasota Sherriff's deputies were responding to reports of a break-in at an office building, but also ended up arresting three teens in the process for a totally unrelated charge.

There was a call to respond to reports of a robbery in process located at the 5700 block of Bessie Drive in Sarasota. A witness called in the robbery just before 2am Monday. When deputies arrived at the American Accounting Association, they found a ladder next to the building. Upon further inspection, they noticed a hole cut in the roof.

Across the street a man was standing outside. When questioned, he said he was waiting for a ride. Matthew Moran, 30, changed his story suddenly when the deputies told him they were entering the building. The suspect told deputies, "Chris" was still inside. Moran then called his friend and told him to come out, warning him that deputies had surrounded the building. Chris Barrow, 41, came out of the building and both men were arrested.

On the scene were tools of the trade – saws, hammer, and a crowbar. Inside the building was a recycling bin which contained upwards of 15 laptop computers which the men were allegedly planning to steal.

Barrow was charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools. Moran is being charged with being an accessory to the burglary. Records show this to be the 25th arrest for Moran.

While deputies had come in response to the burglary, they also found three teens who appeared to be siphoning gas. Upon seeing the deputies, the teens fled from a nearby Christian Family Church parking lot.

The three teens were charged with petit theft and resisting arrest without violence, according to the sheriff's office.