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Rape Defense

Rape Charges Can Ruin Your Life – Take Action Immediately

Many individuals charged with rape in Tampa fail to take immediate action to begin mounting your defense. They believe that simply telling their side of the story will help them avoid a conviction, or that evidence will suddenly appear that absolves them of the crime. This simply doesn't happen. If you have been charged with rape, you face serious penalties, including lengthy prison terms and mandatory registration as a sex offender. Do not leave your future up to chance; contact an experienced attorney immediately after your arrest for rape in Tampa.

William Hanlon is a Florida rape defense lawyer with nearly 20 years of experience. His knowledge and insight into Tampa area courts and prosecutors can be invaluable in helping you combat the serious penalties resulting from a rape conviction.

His extensive criminal defense and rape defense representation allow him to offer the aggressive defense you deserve when charged with a wide range of rape related offenses, including:

A Proven Approach to Rape Defense

Attorney Hanlon has successfully represented countless clients facing charges relating to rape and other sexual offenses. His work in the criminal defense field gives him the insight needed to challenge the validity of your case and mount the strongest possible defense.

On your behalf, Attorney Hanlon will:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation of the events leading to your charges. With the help of an expert investigator, he will search for inconsistencies in evidence or conflicting victim statements.
  • Examine the victim’s mental state or underlying ulterior motives. Working with a highly respected psychologist, Attorney Hanlon will examine the victim’s mental state.
  • Address DNA evidence. Attorney Hanlon’s experience has given him vast knowledge of DNA evidence gathering and testing procedures, allowing him to question the validity of the DNA evidence in your case.

Attorney Hanlon will use all information gained during his investigation and review of your case to help you mount the most aggressive defense possible in your situation. Contact his office online or call 813.228.7095 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your charges and to learn more about his Tampa rape defense representation.